Kom igÄng med Elevcentralen!

How nice to see you try Elevcentralen! This version of the app will help you get started with your education. Here you will be able to:

  • Find a driving school to begin your education at
  • Evaluate parts of the theory education
  • Answer questions & challenge others in Quiz
  • Have a checklist for all parts in your driving education

How does it work then?

When you have evaluated the app we recommend you to contact a STR-affiliated driving school to begin your education. You will then upgrade your app so that you can:

  • Receive feedback of your driving and reserve driving lessons
  • Discuss with others in the Forum
  • Get news and updates from driving school
  • All theory education directly in the app*
*Only when upgrading to Elevcentralen
How does it work when I'm sattiesfied with my evaluation?